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» The Meaning of Being an Indian a.k.a Jobless. from The Maanga Reloaded
I can understand Nationalism as the modern equivalent of the clan/tribe mentality, a way in which an individual gathers numbers just to feel safer. But once a person has enough sense to declare himself/herself a libertarian in the modern world, I wou... [Read More]

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» The Misfit Indian from Prashant Mullick's Weblog
MadMan has a post in the recent Bharatiya Blog Mela where he talks about what it is that makes him Indian and how he thinks he might be a misfit. In response to his post someone commented, why dont you leave india and move to the west, where you are... [Read More]

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» Is India really as corrupt as other nations? from Thinking Out Loud: Thought Leadership from an Enterprise Architect
In a previous blog entry, a loyal reader of mines posted his sadness in that I had something negative to say about his country. For the record, I am neither pro-India nor anti-India. I am however, pro truth and am... [Read More]

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