December 20, 2006

Pretty space pictures

Mmmm... pretty space pictures, courtesy of the Hubble Telescope. When I ascend, I will probably look like this one.

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December 15, 2006

On a break

My link blogging might be sporadic for the next couple of weeks owing to many things on my plate. Miss me, won't you? (Or I will post MP3 files of my singing here.) ;)

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December 8, 2006

Harold McGee has a blog

Harold McGee, who wrote the excellent On Food and Cooking, has a blog. It has been put on my daily reading list. (Link via BB)

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December 1, 2006

Thank you

Thank you to all the people who SMS'd, emailed or otherwise wished me a happy birthday yesterday. My sincere apologies if I didn't respond in some way. I still want a BMW M5 though. ;)

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