August 31, 2004

480-pound woman dies after six years on couch

480-pound woman dies after six years on couch: Now that's a weight problem.

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August 27, 2004

Icon archive is a really useful collection of icons for your programs. More importantly, it's all free! And there are thousands of them.

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August 24, 2004

Hooters coming to India

Hooters is coming to - gasp! - India. Well, it's reported on the Slimes of India, so it may be bull, but if it's true, can you imagine the hell people like Shiv Sena would raise? :)

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Waiter, there's a... finger in my soup?

You know, once in a while, some foreign object gets into our restaurant food, but I think we'd notice if a worker were missing his finger.

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Scum of the earth

I wish someone would do a DDoS attack and bring down the site of these scum of the earth and others like them.

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