May 10, 2003

Cold Virus Zaps Brain Tumors

Cold Virus Zaps Brain Tumors: "A genetically altered common cold virus worked so well in destroying the most lethal type of brain tumor in experiments with mice that researchers want to take the treatment to people next year." Sounds promising. Let's hope it works.

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May 9, 2003

MIT pulls out of Media Lab Asia

MIT pulls out of Media Lab Asia: "The new minister, Negroponte alleged, does not believe in rural development through ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and is even less interested in basic innovation."
The most hilarious comment posted in the Rediff discussion board about this: "american domination and its hegemonistic views have once again been exposed. US of A is busy colonizing the world in a new way -using the finance and education sectors to extract all the best of the colonies for their own good and still treating these experts as second rate consultants."

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Microsoft Admits Passport Security Flaw

Microsoft Admits Passport Security Flaw: "The Pakistani researcher, Muhammad Faisal Rauf Danka, determined that by typing a specific Web address that included the phrase ``emailpwdreset,'' he could seize any Passport account. He said he sent 10 e-mails to Microsoft explaining his findings but never received a response. Sohn said the company was investigating how it might have missed those reports."
Yay! Way to go, Microsoft. Nothing says "committed to security" more than ignoring 10 emails about a security flaw.

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Internet is here to stay

Internet is here to stay (AgencyFAQs): "After the dotcom meltdown in the year 2000, people had assumed that the days of the Internet were numbered."
No, you doofus. People assumed that the days of clueless dotcoms were over. There is a difference.

"Corporates like Citibank, ICICI, Coke and Pepsi spend a huge amount of money advertising on the Internet."
OK, so you have two spammers and two cola companies.

"Industry leaders also believe that Internet access will grow by 100 per cent in the year 2003 with the advent of WLL, which will provide cheaper Internet access."
How does WLL provide "cheaper" access? Don't WLL users have to pay phone charges any more?

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May 8, 2003


YahooPOPs! - POP3/SMTP Access to Yahoo: "YahooPOPs! is an application which emulates a POP3/SMTP mail server and provides free POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. It does not depend on Yahoo's POP3/SMTP mail server." Cool!

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Archies gets back to selling greeting cards

Smell The Difference Now, Says Archies: "Its back to basics for greetings card major Archies Ltd which now wants to focus again on its core competency. Earlier known as Archies Greetings & Gifts, the company had in the last few years diversified into a host of new areas. But now in a strategic decision, the company in an effort to arrest declining bottomline has decided to focus on only three core activities of retailing, paper products and gifts."
At least one company sees the light and decides to focus on what it does best. Seriously, extending a greeting card brand to deodorants and perfumes? A bit too far, methinks.

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Evidence for Jury-Rigged Design in Nature

Evidence for Jury-Rigged Design in Nature: Contrary to what some people believe, the human body (and other living beings) aren't designed perfectly. There are quite a few flaws.

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Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes

Scientific American: Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes: "When Matthew Blakeslee shapes hamburger patties with his hands, he experiences a vivid bitter taste in his mouth. Esmerelda Jones (a pseudonym) sees blue when she listens to the note C sharp played on the piano; other notes evoke different hues--so much so that the piano keys are actually color-coded, making it easier for her to remember and play musical scales. And when Jeff Coleman looks at printed black numbers, he sees them in color, each a different hue. Blakeslee, Jones and Coleman are among a handful of otherwise normal people who have synesthesia."

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May 7, 2003


Planetary position to deliver 'brilliant minds': This is what "journalism" has become these days.

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May 4, 2003

When and where to make the leap to CSS layout

When and where to make the leap to CSS layout: "CSS zealots often make the assumption that "accessibility" of content is the only requirement, and since a well-crafted CSS2 layout is browsable using pretty much any software (even Lynx), it's automatically the way to go. Wrong assumption. Presentational integrity is one of the business requirements of a news site."

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May 2, 2003

Jeff's resume - a work of art

My friend and fellow admin Jeff Howden's résumé is a work of art, if I do say so myself. MadMan - Career Coach to the Champions (sm) [grin]

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Why do some societies make

Why do some societies make disastrous decisions?: "While all this talking about reasons for failure and collapses of society may seem pessimistic, the flip side is optimistic: namely, successful decision-making. Perhaps if we understand the reasons why groups make bad decisions, we can use that knowledge as a check list to help groups make good decisions." I've always said that learning from failure is far more instructive.

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May 1, 2003

Sushma Banks On Indian Immunity

Sushma Banks On Indian Immunity To Fight SARS: "Immunity of the people in India is much higher than in other countries," Union health minister Sushma Swaraj told FE [...] This is despite more and more cities emerging on the SARS radar every other day in India. Hey, that's a much better option than actually making any plans to fight the damn thing, ain't it? Sushma "Lobotomised" Swaraj strikes again!

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Reliance ad misleading

Reliance Indicomm's latest press ad promotes CDMA as a wonderful technology because it has "135 million subscribers worldwide". In isolation, that sounds impressive, until you consider that GSM has 821 million users around the world. (And they even got the figure wrong - CDMA has 151 million users.)

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