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Yahoo spam protection needs tweaking

January 31, 2005

Yahoo likes to talk a lot about its oh-so-cool tools to fight spam, but just how effective are they? I have a yahoo ID that I use only for instant messenger chatting. Of course it has its own mail account too which I stopped using a few years ago. Of late, however, Yahoo has started letting a lot of obvious spam through its "protection".

Don't believe me? Here's a screenshot of my in-box the last time I checked mail on the yahoo account.

yahoo screenshot

Apart from the first one which was legit mail (I've blurred it), the other messages are clearly spam. They aren't even the more deceptive ones that have benign subject lines like "hello", "how are you doing", or "I forgot to tell you".

Yet Yahoo fails to classify them as spam. They need to tweak their algorithm a bit, I suppose.

(And before somebody asks, yes, the "SpamGuard" option is enabled on my account. I checked twice.)

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