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January 10, 2005

We interrupt our regular schedule of quality programming to bring you this message. We've been nominated for the IndiBloggies, which comes with 25 cartons of Ego Boost as the prize. (And some other miscellaneous stuff, none of which we're really interested in.)

OK, so I've been nominated not once, not twice but three times for my two blogs - this one and my chef blog. Shiok Chef's Notes has been nominated for best topical blog, and hey, anyone who's read my detailed recipes and seen my gorgeous photographs has to vote for me. The only competition I can see is from Yazad, whose blog AnarCapLib has also been nominated. Actually, I write over there too, so this is a fight between me and 25% me. :)

If that weren't enough, both of my blogs have been nominated for the best design award. Yes, both MadMan's Web and Shiok - Chef's Notes are going heads up against each other. This makes me happy but also sad at the prospect of the vote being split.

I'll make this simple for you. Vote for Shiok as the best topical blog, and MadMan's Web for the best design. My chef's blog has exhaustive useful content and this blog is filled with design doo-dads. I've combined two blogs (the links blog and the article blog) on the same page without crowding the place. My nav bars slide out of side if you want to read my articles on a smaller monitor, and my text is well spaced and readable. Heck, even my comment box expands if you want to write a ton. There's a whole bunch of usability thingamajigs too if you look closer (try hovering your mouse over some text box or label some time.) I deserve this award over the other contenders, some of whom don't even live in this country.

(Update: I see that Ravikiran and JK are now accepting bribes for their votes. I'm far too honest for that. Besides, I have l33t rigging skillz.)

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