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Bharteeya Blog Mela: The Tsunami Memorial

January 4, 2005

(Welcome, Instapundit readers. Get yourself a cup of coffee, and set aside some time for reading all these posts.)

It's Blog Mela time again, as we present the best posts from Indians and about India/Indians. This is also the first Blog Mela of the new year, which is of course a meaningless statistic.

As you would expect, this week's reading is heavy on Japanese 101, as the word "tsunami" is introduced to thousands of people who had never heard it before.

This past week, bloggers have supplemented the regular and mostly repetitive news coverage with their own account of the disaster, and some of these have been more revealing than what the newspapers dished out.

Sameer has an overview of what a tsunami is.

While we don't typically accept whole blogs as nominations, Amit Varma's India Uncut has tons of reading, written while visiting the tsunami-affected areas.

(Update: Amit is churning out reports faster than I can read them. Some outstanding writing there.)

Amit's travelling companion, Dilip D'Souza, too has plenty to report. I recommend you set aside a big chunk of time to read everything they've written.

Kiruba, who normally sticks to very "bloggy" stuff on his site, changes gear to write long accounts of the relief efforts. He also takes photos, which is helpful.

Suman Kumar, who has suffered a bandwidth tsunami on his site due to being mentioned in the New York Times (with a little help from yours truly), is trying to do his bit with the relief. He has a tsunami site of his own.

Alpha is upset over the loss of life, but is more upset at the lack of news coverage in the USA.

Patrix disagrees with Alpha. He thinks the media is being particularly insensitive in its relentless display of dead bodies and suffering people.

Sandeep blames the government's apathy for the deaths in India. As did I earlier.

Gaurav disagrees.

Rhyncus has a strange rationalisation of why God is needed because two tectonic plates causing the earthquake is not satisfying enough as an explanation. In part 2 of his article, he says he's got a rock which he calls God, and it's an extension of his parents.

Yazad has some thoughts on depression caused by the tsunami.

Ramanand thinks the media is being unfair in its criticism of cricketers for supposedly not doing enough towards the relief effort because they make an easy target.

And now, on to the non-tsunami stuff...

After the silly MMS "scandal" where Avneesh Bajaj was arrested by police for no fault of his, Sandeep lashes out.

Anand Vivek draws some parallels between Don Quixote and the Nasruddin Hodja legends in the middle-east.

Manu Sharma says "A human edited product news feature is never going to happen at Google" because he thinks Google is primarily a technology company.

A lady known only as "Medium Latte" says that she prefers not to accept help given just because she is a woman, although it's tempting.

That's it for this week, folks. I know some Hindi blog entries were nominated, but I've left them out of this mela, not because I'm a snobbish bastard, but because:

1) I studied Hindi for 10 years at school, and speak the language fluently, but haven't read any big chunks of Hindi since 1990. So my reading speed has reduced to a crawl.

2) The thin strokes of the text coupled with the low resolution of a PC monitor made it even harder to read the entries.

3) Some of the spelling mistakes (mostly misplaced matras) didn't help either.

My apologies to you all. Perhaps we should start a Hindi version of the Mela soon. Shanti, what do you think?

I'd like to remind you that my web links blog, in addition to being on this page, also has a separate page of its own. Even if I don't write longer entries, the links blog is still updated almost daily. Check back often.

The next Mela will be on Nilesh.org

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