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Yahoo messenger annoyances

August 23, 2004

I was going to write an entry on how a feature of the new Yahoo messenger version 6.0 bugs the hell out of me, but after I told Kallu about it, the bug suddenly got fixed in a day, so now I'm cheesed off that they fixed it, leaving me nothing to write about.

But hey, another one pops up to save the day!

If you use Yahoo messenger, you know that you can choose to stay "invisible". This ensures that people don't see you online, and you can lurk quietly.

Or so you'd think. While the invisibility works in the regular version of Yahoo messenger, it does not work with their "lite" Web version of the product. I found this out today when Udhay messaged me saying "hi". I wondered how he saw me online because I was, ahem, "invisible". Turns out that Udhay was using the web version of the damn thing and could see me just fine. Yay! Good one, Yahoo! Into version 6.0 and you didn't look into this.

Update: For all of you who come to my site through Google looking for the Web version of Yahoo messenger, it's at: http://jpager.yahoo.com/jpager/messenger.html. Now say thank you. ;)

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